The residential complex is designed to ensure maximum thermal and acoustic comfort while ensuring minimum energy consumption by means of the high-performance building envelope. The buildings can be configured as Gas Free, and they have a very low environmental impact, with CO2 emissions under 10 kg/sqm per year, achieving energy class A4. Designed for sustainability, utilising the local climatic conditions to best advantage, the building components have features that reduce heat loss during the winter season and facilitate the dissipation of excess heat during the summer season.

The heat generation system uses a local district heating network, which is highly sustainable because, in accordance with Legislative Decree 102/2014, it uses energy from renewable sources (biomass). For highest possible user comfort, domestic hot water is supplied instantaneously by means of peripheral units in each housing unit; it is produced by the district heating system during the winter season and by highly efficient heat pumps during the summer.

The indoor environment is equipped with a mechanic ventilation system checked by a heat exchanger to guarantee high level of air quality and a reduction of heat losses.
These systems are integrated with building automation systems to check the interior heat, optimizing the energy consumption using a smart efficiency.
The projecting has been run using specific instruments (Cost Optimal Methodology), which have allowed to determine the best compromise between the management costs and the comfort. The principle, the project relies on, have allowed to be focalised on both energy and plan to the real quality of buildings in relation to the benefits and to the environmental impact. Among the several vantages of the Green Building projecting that have been taken into consideration are the following:

reduction of the operating costs thanks to a responsible use of resources

reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions, using renewable sources

increasing of the value of the of the property owing to the low management.

Health and comfort of the occupants thanks to the optimization of the comfort of the interior by reducing to a minimum the polluting materials, as well as the noise.

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