Mountain Village - Cascata d'Otro


A village immersed in nature, rich in services.

A4-class eco-sustainable buildings inspired by the highest mountain lodge in Europe and located in Alagna Valsesia, at the foot of Monte Rosa.

Developed from an idea by Pink Mountains, Cascata d’Otro is a residential enterprise authored by G22 Projects, in cooperation with C2R Consulting for energy and technology design, and Holzner & Bertagnolli for structural design.

Cascata d’Otro, a smart Alpine village ideal as a retreat, was designed, following the lines of Valsesian architectural tradition, as a residential settlement that follows the natural topography and allows nature to penetrate within. In fact, the houses are set in a private park planted with native species, where the presence of water – with the nearby waterfall on the river Otro, registered as of public interest for its scenic and environmental beauty, and the lakes in the park – enables you to enjoy and savour the peace, fragrances and atmosphere that only the town of Alagna Valsesia can offer with such authenticity.


Alagna Valsesia, a small, precious gem set at the foot of Monte Rosa’s majestic peaks, is a typically Alpine village surrounded by evocative scenery and a natural environment that is still intact and unspoilt, famous the world over principally for its off-piste skiing and the remarkable Walser heritage