Dove Siamo

The Location | Just a few minutes from the town centre

Alagna Valsesia, a small, precious gem set at the foot of Monte Rosa’s majestic peaks, is a typically Alpine village surrounded by evocative scenery and a natural environment that is still intact and unspoilt, famous the world over principally for its off-piste skiing and the remarkable Walser heritage.
For some years now, the town of Alagna has been offering its resources to tourists from Italy and abroad, with ever-greater commitment, and it is engaged in developing new facilities in order to meet the constantly growing tourist demand. The possibility of linking the ski areas of Breuil-Cervinia, Valtournanche, Val d’Ayas, Gressoney and Alagna is becoming increasingly feasible, along with Alagna’s connection to Zermatt, forming the largest skiing area in the Alps.


Europe’s highest natural park / Capanna Margherita mountain lodge / GTA (Grande Traversata delle Alpi, great Alpine path) and Monte Rosa tour / ecomuseum of Walser culture / hiking / climbing / Vogna, Olen and Otro valleys / fishing on the River Sesia / Varallo, art city / river sports / trial and mountain biking / paragliding / Pend’Olen (pendulum jump)

Alpine skiing / freeride paradise / snowshoeing / heliskiing / icefalls / ski mountaineering / hiking / ice skating / cross-country skiing / yoga in the snow / Ice Rosa Ring for ice driving / karting on ice and much more…


The architectural design is inspired by Walser settlements and, instead of emulating the traditional building methods used in rascards (raccards, timber-built constructions), it in fact references the equally iconic building typology developed from the mid-19th century for the construction of high-altitude mountain lodges, first and foremost Capanna Regina Margherita, built on Punta Gnifetti on the Monte Rosa massif at 4,556 m above sea level.