Reinventing tradition

The main façades of the eight buildings making up the settlement are distinctive for the cantilevered portals in stone and dark timber, with deep balconies in contrasting light-coloured wood, from which you can enjoy the cool air in the summer, and the wonderful views of the Alta Valsesia alpine landscape, enhanced by the extensive glazed areas. The buildings’ roofs are continuous with the lateral façades, without overhangs, for a design with more powerful, stylish and contemporary look, also providing better protection against the weather, and as a reference to the architecture that provided the original inspiration: in fact they are entirely clad in dark crimped metal. The design therefore aims at retaining a strong link with traditional Alpine architecture by using increasingly innovative, durable and sustainable prestige materials and finishes.

Comfort of a residential area

Pedestrian pathways provide access to the condominium courtyard. They are well connected to the town’s road network, to the path leading to the waterfall on the river Otro, and to the nearby Residence that will be built in the future: these pathways provide access to the individual buildings. Visitors accessing the area by car can enter the service area, which is entirely underground, using the road from the roundabout on the Strada Provinciale (provincial road). After entering the basement floor through automatic up-and-over doors, visitors can reach the spacious private garages – which have enough room for a large car as well as storage space, and are all equipped for recharging electric cars –the service spaces for technological equipment installations, and condominium storage areas: the bicycle parking area with e-bike recharging stations, the pram storage area and the depot for green area maintenance equipment. 

From the basement, owners can conveniently access their apartment floor directly by means of one of the eight stairwells with lifts.

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